Booking (National) | Coaching | Management

I have been booking and managing reggae fusion band Sol Seed along with many others for the past decade. I enjoy helping others achieve their visions and goals in the entertainment world. I have also been a performing musician for over 10 years and understand what it takes to be on the road and can relate to living the tour life. I'm here to help artists become the best they can be while expressing their art their way. Freedom Thought Collective is a community. We work together with each other for each other.

Web Design | Graphic Design

I have been performing in Oregon-based Reggae Fusion band Sol Seed for the past decade and throughout that time I have been able to accumulate a diverse set of skills. I've always appreciated the creative power of computing and have devoted a lot of time and effort to developing my abilities to create everything from graphics and websites to audio recordings and video games. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and abilities with you so that we may create something excellent together.

Event Planning | Booking (Northwest)

I am involved in a wide spectrum of musical interests, ranging from Classical to Soul to EDM and everything in between. I spend most of my time performing any number of different styles and teaching music to kids. I came to Freedom Thought Collective to help people make music to their highest potential, and help people realize their dreams.

Booking (East Coast)

I have been the frontman and manager for the band TreeHouse! since we formed in 2010. In these seven years, we have independently released two official albums, booked shows throughout most of the country and the US Virgin Islands, and developed all of our own endeavors independently while creating new opportunities and experiences for our scene and community. I have learned a lot from taking on these challenges, and I'm eager to share what I know with other aspiring groups.

Booking (Southeast)

I am the Southeast Representative for Freedom Thought Collective. I have spent the last 7 Years performing and representing Reggae/rock band, SOWFLO out of Southwest Florida. I have booked a handful of national tours and have developed a network of contacts that can be extremely beneficial for those who look to break out of their home state. I spend a good chunk of time on the road and understand, logistics and technicalities of being in a touring band. Most of all, I enjoy helping others. FTC is here to guide you towards success, together we will achieve the highest heights. Let’s get to work!

Social Media Director | Branding

I have hands on experience in providing niche marketing for the target audiences of artists, curating social media posts to increase engagement, and developing promotion and release strategies with artists to maximize their potential new fans opportunities to discover them. I am a curator and a creator and together we can craft a wholesome aesthetic to fit hand in hand with your brand, your tour, your album, or your video.

Operations | Communication

I have been DJing for six years under the moniker 'Reggae Rob' and also hold six years of professional radio experience. My expertise comes from years of volunteering and creating opportunities for myself and others; I am the co-founder of the Music Industry Collective, a club for students at the University of Oregon to help them gain professional skills, and am also a college marketing representative for In2une Music. I am humbled and incredibly excited to be apart of Freedom Thought and look forward to helping you with whatever needs to be done! I have extensive knowledge within radio and media, as well as event coordination and creation. I'm here to make sure that your experience with Freedom Thought Collective is beneficial and that you get everything you need and more. Together we will create something righteous.

Booking (Southwest)

I’ve been working with Freedom Thought Collective since mid-2017 as a West Coast, U.S. booking agent. Having spent the last four years managing, booking, and playing with Bay Area based, alt. reggae-rock band, Ridgway, I’ve come to understand much of what it takes to plan tours and make shows successful. Like much of the Freedom Thought team, my knowledge of “band life” stems from personal experience and understanding; not just what I have read on the internet. I am also currently attending San Diego Mesa College to study advertising. This has helped me further my insight on the various ways performance progress can be measured and expanded upon. I look forward to working with like-minded individuals who have a dream and are willing to put in the work necessary to pursue it!

Booking (Texas/North East)

Music and connecting people have been two of my strong passions in life and I couldn't be more excited to help Freedom Thought with just that! My past experience includes playing in and organizing (booking, promo, PR, etc.) groups such as Lucky Dub (Washington, DC), Midnight Raid (Oakland, CA), and Bad Marmot (Austin, TX). My goal is to use my past experience to help artists reach new audiences, connect with the right people, and create amazing shows! I currently reside in Austin and play in reggae, rock, and blues group One Jack Move.

DIY Coordinator | Music Journalist (PNW)

I am a second-year music journalism student at the University of Oregon. I'm originally from Portland but I'm living in Eugene until I graduate in 2 years. I am a DJ and office assistant at the campus radio station, a writer for an online music magazine, and I book DIY shows in Eugene. I will be writing for the Freedom Thought blog which will have updates on bands' shows, music festivals, and other Freedom Thought happenings. I'm excited to help out Freedom Thought by promoting upcoming events!

Photographer | Marketing (Southeast)

I’m a traveling concert photographer and marketing assistant originally from Florida now currently based in Atlanta. Concert photography gives me the chance to capture the moment between the artist and the fans, its a privilege to know all the people I've met and many more to come. I take my camera everywhere I go. I photograph landscapes, street photography and nature. I love puppies and good vibes! I joined Freedom Thought because music connects people in many ways. Whether it's to enjoy the night or get over a bad day, I appreciate capturing the happy faces all around me. Freedom Thought is a platform where we can appreciate art, music, each other, and let the world be exposed to the communities and what we have to offer.